Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling Rosé  on-line release

With a fair bit of interest in Rosé in recent times we thought it might be fun to trial a Sparkling Rosé. We are committed to traditional (bottle fermented) sparkling wines so there was quite a bit of lead time, but in late January we were ready to release our first Sparkling Rosé. We limited it to cellar door sales - as we did not have a great deal of product and because we wanted to get direct feedback. 

Happily the response was really positive, so much so, that we have decided to move to regular production. The 2020 base wine is made and now being tidied up prior to sending off for tirage (the process of putting the wine through a second ferment in the bottle).

While most of the trial batch has been sold, we still have a dozen cases on hand and thought we should offer it via our on-line store. It is a little less dry than our Sparkling White, but is not sweet. It is a stunner in the glass. head to the on-line store to check it out.

Thanks for your support

The response to our "Covid" on-line store offer has been very encouraging. It can never make up for the loss of our traditional sales channels (cellar door and local restaurants) but it helps, both in a financial sense and in morale.

So the Covid discount (15% discount on all sales of 6 bottles or more) continues - for both on-line and cellar door sales.

Hopefully we will have some easing of restrictions in the coming month or two - but as we all know, going back to "the old normal" is a long way off.

We hope that COVIDSafe app will help speed the safe easing of restrictions. We have all downloaded it and hope that the majority of Australians will get on board with it.


Stay safe.