2020 Vintage update & trading during Covid Lock-down

2020 Vintage

Our 16th vintage and the most difficult to date. Like all things of late it was made much more difficult by the Covid pandemic.

First the good news, we did not have any smoke damage. Sent grape samples off for testing just before picking began and the results showed we were in the clear. The second bit of good news was that the yields for Riesling and Sauv Blanc were around average.

The bad news?
Other than those varieties yields were low to very low - a result of a wet and very windy spring. We will make no Chardonnay or Cabernet this year and very small amounts of Pinot Noir and Shiraz.


But if you have to have a small crop, a pandemic is the time to do it. We are doing bottle sales from the cellar door, on-line/phone-in sales and sales to local independent bottle shops. However, realistically we will have very low sales while the current lock-down rules continue - and plenty of stock on hand from the 2018 and 2019 vintages.

You will have heard of the spike in liquor sales. This reflects the cessation of sales in restaurants, pubs, clubs and cafes (major outlets for small wineries) and a swing of the purchasing to the large supermarket chains and their subsidiaries such as Dan's.

Those of you in Australia might have a think about cellar door wineries. If you enjoy going to them, you should support them through the pandemic.

We are hopeful of surviving, and coming out the other side. But if 6 months becomes 12 months becomes 18 months - very few small wineries will survive unless wine consumers change their habits and support them via their on-line stores/ "mail order".

As you will see, our on-line store is offering 15% discount on all sales of 6 bottles or more. The aim is to provide an incentive and offset transport costs in buying on-line versus at the winery.

We hope you can support us, but the real message is to support small wineries, they will need every bit of support to survive the other side.


Stay home and stay safe and thank you to those that have already bought on-line/phone-in or made the treck down McFees Rd to buy a few bottles.